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Who We Are

Inspiring Minds Day School is a movement away from the conventional idea of school, toward a new idea that focuses on making a child’s education all it was meant to be:




We believe the best education is one that is authentically inspiring for each unique child.

What We Do

Our school is a place where home education is enhanced by offering a fun, creative, Whole Child Centered, hands-on academic and enrichment program for our students. The students work and play alongside teachers who use hands-on and engaging activities (often outdoors!) to inspire creativity and make learning delightful.


The rest of the week, the students are homeschooled by their parents in the manner of the parents’ choosing.

Our Founder and Director

Dawn Divine-Norman

“My goal in opening Inspiring Minds Day School is to give children a place where the love of knowledge is ignited. I have always dreamed of an education for my daughter where playing and learning become one. Children should love to learn. Want to learn. Be excited to learn. I feel that a hands on approach helps to instill this joy and love of learning.

When one gets to experience a subject in all its dimensions (using hands-on crafts, reading, using physical activity, writing, experiencing it in nature, and through music), one tends never to forget the lesson learned. I hope to instill such a love and joy of learning in my daughter, and in all the children that attend Inspiring Minds Day School.


To encourage our children to be curious, attain knowledge, and learn though discovery is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. I wish that for my daughter and for every child that walks through our school’s doors.”

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