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Inspiring Minds
Day School

Orlando, FL

Homeschool Centered

Inspiring Minds Day School is a loving, fun, hands-on, creative learning environment where home education is broadened and enhanced by inspired and imaginative teachers who love working with children and love the subjects they teach.

Specialized Teachers

Our teachers have many years of experience teaching and/or working in, and exploring, the subjects in which they teach. They are experts in their fields and have a passion for what they are teaching. As such, our teachers have a deeper knowledge of the material they are imparting to our students. With their passion for their subject mater they naturally enhance the subject with more creativity, fun, and in-depth knowledge, which in turn brings it more to life for our students.

Whole Child Centered

Education is enhanced by offering traditional academics alongside enrichment subjects that are often left out or not included at all – such as Gardening/Nature Studies, Art, Music, Theatre, Sewing, Handiwork, Chorus, Foreign Languages, World Cultures, and Yoga. We provide a Whole Child learning environment that uses aspects of storytelling, movement, drawing, sculpting, music, and hands-on activities as a way to bring the subjects to life for the students and engage the whole child, their head, heart, and hands, equally. When the mind is listening and the hands are active, both sides of the brain are engaged and the knowledge is more easily retained and understood by the child. Our aim is to have education be a joyous, fun, and exciting experience for all of our students!!

Welcome to Inspiring Minds Day School!

Inspiring Minds Day School is a movement away from the conventional idea of school, toward a new idea that focuses on making a child’s education all it was meant to be:



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